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All of Lindy's Pickup designs started with a simple question: "How do I make this pickup sound better?"


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These Fralin pickups are working like a charm. They're canceling out the hum in the bridge and neck settings, and at the same time, bringing a world of definition to my Fender Jazzmaster. Perfect!"

Marnie Stern
Late Night with Seth Meyers

AMAZING! I'm a tv composer in LA. Erik Goresh installed noiseless p-90's in my gold top Les Paul, and I'm blown away. I was afraid that I couldn't use the guitar on my show as it was so noisy. However, once I installed your pickups, that guitar instantly became my favorite Les Paul in my collection and is used on every episode since! Thanks for making such a great product!!"

Fred Coury
Los-Angeles-Based TV Composer

Before Fralin Pickups, I was doing everything I could to breathe life into my bass. It just wasn't working, but these pickups did the trick!! Quiet, responsive, and much more - everything you need in a pickup!! Can't thank you guys enough, honestly."

Brandon Lane
Natalie Prass

Simply THE BEST!!! After trying probably dozens of Stratocaster pickups, I've finally found what I think is THE BEST!!! I've put these in 3 different guitars now and even have them in my Strat. They sound just like a Stratocaster should, in my opinion, really show off why the Strat is one of the most versatile electric guitars ever designed."

Kristopher Kinzie
Independent Luthier

I've been on a "tone chase" for about four months. I've gone through about 40 different pickups. I bought a set of Pure PAF's after seeing some reviews online. As soon as I dropped them in my guitar, it was a night and day difference from all of the other humbuckers I tried! It was the sound in my head! So I'm changing everything to Fralins now. Thank you for making the tone come true!"

Harley D

OUTSTANDING! I just had Blues Specials installed in a 2019 Fender Rarities quilted maple top Tele and results are exactly as advertised, with greater clarity and thickness over the "stock" '51 Nocaster and '64 Pure Vintage pickups that came in the guitar. The neck position pickup is clearer with more string definition but still nice and fat, and the bridge sings without the harsh edge that was there before — a significant improvement over custom shops and well worth it.

Mark P.


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