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5 Ways To Coil Split A Humbucker

5 Powerful Ways To Coil Split Your Humbucker

Welcome back to the Fralin Pickups Workbench! Today, we’re discussing some exciting and unique ways to approach Coil Splitting with Humbuckers. There are a few different ways to Coil Split a humbucker, and we wanted to share the ones we use the most and analyze the pros and cons of each! WHAT IS COIL SPLITTING? Coil Splitting splits a humbucker […]
Fralin Pickups

Tone-Talk, Ep. 88

Lindy Fralin sat down for a fun and informative interview with David Friedman and Marc Huzansky of the Tone-Talk Podcast. Check it out here: LISTEN ON APPLE PODCASTS
Reverse Your Pickups Leads To Reverse Pickup polarity

Reverse Pickup Polarity The Easy Way With Multiple Leads

This is the last installment of our Phase and Polarity series. If you want to read more, check out these previous articles: Part 1: Reversing Phase with Single Coils Part 2: Reversing Phase with Humbuckers A few weeks ago, we discussed how to reverse your pickup’s phase by examining the different properties that combine to create the pickup’s overall phase. […]