Lindy Fralin Tele Neck

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    These necks are all rock maple, 9 1/2 inch radius, medium frets, Fender© licensed headstock with a thin satin nitrocellulose finish.

    Available! Estimated Lead Time: 2-3 Days


    Due to the nature of Raw Nickel, Raw Nickel may contain slight cosemetic defects or abrasions.


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    Lindy Fralin Tele Neck INFO:

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    Lindy Fralin Tele Neck FEATURES:

    We’ve all heard the “magic” is in the wood and I have come to believe this. Get a light, resonant body and you will have the feel and sound of the earliest vintage guitars.

    “To my ears a bigger neck improves the tone of most guitars. The wound strings get brighter and the plain strings get more solid. After buying several “baseball bat” necks and then shaping them between gigs a little at a time I have come up with a neck shape that is big but comfortable.” ~ Lindy Fralin

    For those who want to further shape these necks or take the finish off the back, I recommend setting the guitar up and playing it for a while then removing a small amount of wood then playing it some more. I used the Stewart-McDonald scraper, then 400, 600, grit sandpaper followed by spray sanding sealer or satin nitrocellulose and let it dry overnight.


    Lindy Fralin Telecaster Neck Dimensions

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      What kind of fretwire is included?
    1. Q What kind of fretwire is included?
      There are no answers for this question yet.
    2. Is the nut slot a flat bottom or curved to the radius of the neck?
    3. Q Is the nut slot a flat bottom or curved to the radius of the neck?
      There are no answers for this question yet.
    4. Hi, I have small fingers so is it possible to make vintage thin neck?
    5. Q Hi, I have small fingers so is it possible to make vintage thin neck?

      Hey Ajit, as it turns out, we only have this one size of both our Strat and Tele necks.

    6. Hello, do you pre-drill the holes for the neck joint? If so, is it available in a three-bolt configuration? Thanks, Daniel
    7. Q Hello, do you pre-drill the holes for the neck joint? If so, is it available in a three-bolt conf...... Read more

      Hey Daniel, we do not pre-drill the neck holes, so you can customize it any way you want.

    8. Are these necks 1 5/8 nut width or 1 11/16?
    9. Q Are these necks 1 5/8 nut width or 1 11/16?

      Hey Frederick, our necks are 1-5/8" at the nut.


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    7 Genuine Reviews for Lindy Fralin Tele Neck

    1. Bobby Sherrill
      Verified Buyer

      Great neck. Fits my hands, had plans to take it down a bit but it just feels right and will leave it as is. Put it on a tele I have since the 80’s that is MIJ. Looks like it is basswood but it is mellow and this neck seems to add more sustain and it will bark when needed. Thanks for the design. Works for me.
      Bobby. DFW, Texas

    2. Greg Tinsley
      Verified Buyer

      This is the 2nd Lindy fralin tele neck I’ve bought, this is going on a thinline body ,the other is on a 52 style . Can’t say enough about how much I like these necks they feel &sound great & the neck contour at head stock is way cool !

    3. antoon hermans

      i bought this neck at haar guitars in the netherlands , they where the only shop who sold these necks here in holland , and man , i’m so happy i did , my fender american special tele has become my nr 1 guitar with this neck on it . I love thick/chunky necks , and this one play’s like a dream , i tried some tele’s who had the baseballbat 52 U shaped fender neck on them , but that’s just a bit to chunky for my taste , so after reading that lindy had in fact shaped on off these 52 U shaped necks to his liking , i had to try it . If my strat didn’t already have a nice soft v neck on it ,i would surely put the strat version off this lindy frailin neck on it .

    4. Hulakatt

      I have had one on my pine tele for a few years now and I still absolutely love it! This neck was made for Broadcasters and other teles that feel more at home with a chunky neck. It is big but still very comforatble and easy to play. I need to order a second one soon…

    5. Justin Levitt

      Fantastic neck!! I got one a while back and it was an absolute pleasure to install and fit onto my original telecaster body. The neck is comfortable and feels great 🙂

    6. Austin Stalnaker

      These necks are incredibly comfortable. Don’t let the thickness scare you. I’ve used it on a pretty heavy telecaster body (not exactly what Lindy has recommended), but still has achieved an incredibly full beautiful tele tone. You will probably never need a truss rod adjustment due to the necks stability. I love what lindy has done here!!!

    7. Adam Hunt

      I bought a Lindy Fralin Tele neck two years ago and I like it quite a bit. Lindy recommended using a “light, resonant body” (my Tele body is made of pine) “and you will have the feel and sound of the earliest vintage guitars”.

      I paired the neck with some Fralin pickups and I’ve been happy with the results. The guitar resonates like crazy and sounds like a combination between Keef’s “Micawber” and Roy Buchanan’s “Nancy”. The guitar growls like Keef’s but it will also twang and squeal like Roy’s and I’ve been more than happy with results.

      The only con side is the guy who assembled my guitar said he needed to spend a good amount of time dressing the frets but that’s to be expected.

      This is a “he-man” neck so if you’ve played real vintage guitars from the 50’s then you will feel right at home with this. Players used to modern necks may be surprised by how chunky it is but after about a week’s worth of playing you’ll feel right at home.

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